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Four Day Diet Meal Plan

Weight Watchers Four Day Mini Meal Plan

This sample weight loss meal plan equals a total of 29 daily ProPoint values. You can follow the plan exactly or use it as a guide and substitute other foods according to your personal taste, just remember to watch your daily ProPoint values. If you are unsure how many daily ProPoints you should be on, you can calculate them here.
Remember your fluid intake during dieting. Its recommended that the average person drinks about 1.5L per day (that’s between 6-8 glasses). Water is free and has a 0 ProPoint value.. So no excuses get that water bottle handy!

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Poached egg with bacon and spinach

1 slice wholegrain toast, served with 1 poached egg, 3 slices grilled weight watchers bacon, ½ cup wilted spinach and 2 grilled tomato halves.

Serve with 1 small glass unsweetened orange juice

Rye toast with avocado and tomato salsa

Top 1 slice of rye bread with 1 ½ tbs Weight Watchers cottage cheese, ¼ avocado diced, 4 halved cherry tomatoes and ½ tsp lemon juice.

Poached egg with rocket

1 slice multigrain toast, spread with 1 tsp Weight Watchers Canola Spread, topped with 1 poached egg and 1 cup rocket leaves

Serve with 1 small skim-milk cappuccino

Chicken & salad roll

1 wholegrain bread roll, topped with 1 tbs mashed avocado, filled with 100g skinless BBQ chicken breast, 1 tomato sliced, ¼ cup grated carrot and 2 lettuce leaves

Jacket potato with salmon

1 medium baked potato, topped with 95g can pink salmon in spring water (drained), ¼ cup corn kernels, ½ cup baby spinach and 30g Weight watchers rated Tasty Cheese.

Soup & Toast

Turkey taco soup from the night before, serve with 2 slices of wholegrain toast.

Quinoa & Feta salad

Toss 1/3 cup cooked quinoa with 2 tsp sultanas (currants), ½ cup steamed broccoli, ¼ bunch steamed green beans, ½ cup red kidney beans, 20g reduced-fat feta cheese, 6 sem- dried tomatoes (not in oil), 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp flaxseed oil

You can substitute kidney beans for black beans

Turkey Taco Soup

Serve with 50g (dry weight) Quinoa and  garden salad


Cook extra quinoa for the next day’s lunch

Individual Supreme pizza


1 medium skim milk cappuccino
1 Muffin break Raspberry Apple Muffin
2 kiwi fruit
1 small banana
1 mandarin or small apple

½ cup skim milk tea or coffee
200g NESTLE DIET Yogurt
3 small pieces of (any) soft fruit
2 Ryvita Multi Grain Crispbreads spread with 1 tsp honey

2 Ryvita Multi Grain Crispbreads topped with 1 tomato sliced.
1 cup grapes
2 kiwi fruit

200g NESTLE DIET Yogurt topped with ¾ punnet strawberries 1 tsp honey and 10 almonds
1 apple
20g Carmen’s Muesli Bites Bar

Tip: if you can’t find quinoa you could substitute with brown rice.
Tip: reduced-fat fetta and semi-dried   tomatoes are available at the deli section in most supermarkets.


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