Saturday, 10 December 2011

Make Your Own Pizza

Pizza Your Way

My group of friends consists of dieters, vegetarians, full on meat eaters and a chilly addict so when it comes to entertaining food choice is usually a much debated decision. These recipes came about from a need for a no fuss dinner for several picky eaters (myself included).

This is a great way to feed a large group of people or the picky eaters in your family. It’s also a fun way of getting the family involved in dinner time. It requires a little preparation beforehand (chopping ingredients), but comes together well. Prepare all the ingredients and lay them out and let everyone choose their favourite toppings then stick each pizza under the grill for a few minutes (2 – 5 minutes) until the cheese is melted. Alternatively make them yourself and have them ready for your guests / family at dinner time. You could also use the oven to cook the pizza – 10mins at 180°C fan forced, just enough to crisp up the base and melt the cheese.

This isn’t a recipe more of a list of tasty ingredients that work well together. You can use what you have on hand from the pantry of fridge. Some basic ingredients for pizza are cheese pizza sauce sliced meat and some vegetables.


For the pizza base i used white bread wraps. These work great for individual pizza’s and turned out very nice and crispy. And for an added bonus they have a whole lot less calories than you regular store bought pizza bases.

For pizza sauce I used leggo’s pizza sauce, but you could substitute for tomato paste and dried herbs if you like

TOPPINGS (From top let to bottom right from photo)

Sweet Potato – I absolutely love sweet potato

Sliced mushrooms

Cooked prawns

Fresh herbs: Basil, Coriander and sage (from our herb garden)

Green chilli

Sliced capsicum

Baby spinach leaves

Chopped chorizo


Cheese: tasty, Danish Feta and reduced fat fetta

Cherry tomatoes

Tortilla wraps (for base)

Salami – this was a great find 50% less fat salami by DON the ProPoints worked out at only 1 ProPoints for 2 slices(20g each) / 47 calories or 6 ProPoints for 10 slices /235 calories which is a big difference compared to regular salami.

So here is what we all came up with:

Prawn and Sweet potato with baby spinach - Serves 1

Nutritional info Per Serving
Serving Size: 1 individual pizza ~ ProPoints: 5 ~ Calories: 188 ~ Total Fat: 2.8 ~ Carbohydrates: 23.5 ~ Protein: 15.5

This was my pizza if I was to make it again I would make two improvements. Firstly I would double the amount of prawns (up to 100g). Secondly the sweet potato was a little bit crunchy I would slice it thinner with a potato peeler rather than a knife to ensure it cooks under the grill.

50g Prawn

50g sweet potato


baby spinach

10g Reduced Fat Feta

Vegetarian - Serves 1

Nutritional info Per Serving

Serving Size: 1 individual pizza ~ ProPoints: 5 ~ Calories:188 ~ Total Fat:5.2 ~ Carbohydrates: 27.9 ~ Protein: 9.3

50g Sweet potato

10g Baby spinach

20g Mushrooms

30g Pineapple

20g Tasty cheese

Supreme – Serves 1

Nutritional info Per Serving

Serving Size: 1 individual pizza ~ ProPoints: 5 ~ Calories:196 ~ Total Fat:9.6 ~ Carbohydrates:17.8 ~ Protein: 10.8

20g Salami

20g Cherry tomato

20g Mushrooms

20g Capsicum

20g pineapple



10g homemade tomato salsa (not pictured with ingredients)

20g tasty cheese

Fiery Salami and Chorizo – Serves 1

Nutritional info Per Serving

Serving Size: 1 individual pizza ~ ProPoints: 9 ~ Calories: 331 ~ Total Fat: 22.1 ~ Carbohydrates: 15.4 ~ Protein: 18.4

10g Chorizo

40g Salami


10g Baby spinach

20g mushroom

20g Tasty cheese

20g Feta cheese


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