Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 ProPoint Ice cream

Ok, so it’s not actually ice-cream its yogurt but when it tastes this good you won’t care. It’s so tasty it should be sinful....except for the fact that it’s diet friendly.
If you don’t have frozen berries you can just pop your fresh fruit in the freezer with your yogurt.

Strawberry and raspberry ice-cream – serves 2

Nutritional info Per Serving
Serving Size: ½ mixture ~ ProPoints: 1 ~ Calories: 104~ Total Fat: 1.0 ~ Carbohydrates: 23.6 ~ Protein: 1.8

2 (150g each) tubs of Nestle diet vanilla yogurt
100g frozen strawberries
1006 frozen raspberries
2 tsp artificial sweetener such as Splenda

Place yogurt tubs in freezer 20 mins before preparing. Place chilled yogurt and frozen berries in a food processor with sweetener and blend for 60 seconds. Scrape down any fruit from the sides if needed than blend for another 60 seconds.
Scoop out into 2 small bowls and enjoy quick before it melts! (Not that it would last that long anyway).


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