Saturday, 19 January 2013

About Weight Watchers (New Program)


Weight watchers has updated their points system to give their members the best possible program that is up to date with current nutritional trends and reflects the most recent nutritional information in their new plan to provide the best possible program.

Weight watchers improved points program helps members to adopt a healthier lifestyle that facilitates weight loss and weight maintenance.

WW has made 3 main changes:
  1. The New system factors in the nutrient components (fat, fibre, protein and carbohydrates) which make up the foods nutritional value compared to the old plan which focused only on overall calories.
  2. WW have introduced Power foods. Foods have been ranked bases on their energy density (how filling they are) and nutritional values, and the foods that rose to the top of the list were deemed Power foods. You may also hear these referred to as 'WW Super foods'.
  3. Fresh fruits and most vegetables have been assigned ZERO points values.
The new program provides the framework for members to make healthier food choices.


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